Academy of Metaphysical Arts & Sciences
"When the student is ready...the teacher appears"

CLASSES: Interested in learning Astrology? The Academy of Metaphysical Arts is a private group dedicated to the studies of astrology, metaphysical arts and sciences. Testing and certification for the American Federation of Astrologers (PMAMA), and National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR), is available for those who complete four separate courses. You begin interpreting natal horoscopes by the 4th lesson, Course One. For details and to reserve your space call the academy. 702.39.7899

ASTROLOGER's Round Table: Monthly meetings September through May. $20 donation. Call 702.739.7899 for details and R.S.V.P. Mini-Readings Available After Meetings!

PRODUCT: The Academy continues to exist through the support of those who purchase gift items, astrology reports, books, crystals, gemstones, tarot decks, chart wheels, CDs and DVDs from us. My heartfelt thanks to all of you. We appreciate your continued donations and support.

Special Report Prices Available to Repeat Clientele.
Notice: Shipping & handling charge of $9.00 per order.

Below are other special readings to help with different aspects of your life.
These are Reports Only, No personal consultation.

Life Direction Report: $75.00. Detailed, in-depth (30 to 40 pages), fully interpreted natal horoscope revealing an individuals basic principles, personality, character, potential and karma.

Parent and Child Report: $45.00. Economically priced to encourage every parent to order. This report provides detailed, invaluable insight and understanding of the child's potential, personality, character and talents as well as the child's perception of his or her parents. Thus reveling ways of improving the parent/child relationship.

Vocation Report: $75.00. If  you haven't discovered your innate ability or what career you are best suited for then you need this report. Discover what your natural talents are. Finally get to do what  you love and the money will follow!

Lovers or Partners Relationship Report: $90.00.Discovering one another's strengths, weaknesses and needs are vital to any relationship. Learning what each of you expects and needs from the union will provide a better understanding of what each person will have to give in order to enjoy and benefit from the relationship.

Past Life and Karmic Reports: $75.00. Prepare to be amazed by feelings of deja vu as you receive confirmation of familiar thoughts and feelings. You will discover your karmic debts, past lives and what you need to learn this lifetime.

Your One Year Future Trends Forecast: $75.00. Month by month highlights of circumstances and events prevailing in your life for one year. An invaluable overview. Specify the month/day/year you want this report to begin.

Daily Forecast (6 months): $90.00. Import daily guidance that allows you to plan and select in advance. The best days to make decisions, schedule meetings, sign contracts, travel, socialize, avoid accidents, etc. Specify beginning date.

Solar Return Horoscope: $75.00. Where you spend your birthday could determine what the year holds for you! Ordering this report three months prior to your birthday is desirable. This report allows you to master your destiny.

Relocation Horoscope: $120.00. Avoid costly mistakes moving or traveling to a city that may hold problems or negative experiences for you. This report reveals how you will be affected by the move or change of location.

Election Horoscope: $120.00. Lets elect the best and most propitious date for you to get married, open the doors to you new business, create a partnership, file for legal action or any activity that is important and special to you!

Gambling With Astrology Research: $120.00. No guarantee to win...but if you are interested in finding the best times to speculate or gamble I will provide you with specific times to try your luck! Exact birth time Essential.

Numerology Report: $45.00. Do you know that every time you change your name you change your luck? Numerology reveals your soul, personality, destiny and career numbers. Gain important, empowering insight with this report!

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