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Stacey Dean | Astrologer | Las Vegas

Stacey Dean, P.M.A.F.A., C.C.Ht.

 “One of America’s ten top metaphysicians.” – New Age Digest.

         Since 1984, Stacey has been an invited faculty member at major conventions held worldwide whereby she teaches astrology, psychic development, manipulation of energy, and past life regression techniques. Internationally renown and recognized for her lectures, seminars, columns, publications, cassettes, videos, and *personal psychic, astrological, and past life consultations.

        We invite you to get to know Stacey by browsing through these web pages. There are links at the top and bottom of every page giving you incites to her credentials, history and past newsletter predictions.

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Personal Consultations With
Stacey Dean
By Appointment Only | Via Telephone Only

All Personal Consultations Are
Taped For Future Verification
and the full very complete printed
reports and tape mailed to you.

Combination Psychic and Astrological Consultation $225 (90 Minutes)

        This is the most in-depth consultation you will ever experience. Stacey Dean combines the best of both worlds – her noted psychic ability and her astrological expertise – in order give you the most accurate information possible and critical timing of circumstances and events prevailing in you life for one year. Included with this consultation are some of her most popular astrological reports. (To Book Your Appointment Call (702)739-7899)

Astrological Consultation $180 (1 Hour)

        In addition to your one-hour personal consultation, Stacey Dean compiles your Life Direction Report and your Personal One Year Future Trends Forecast. Internationally renown for her astrological expertise through her lectures, publications and accurate predictions, Stacey Dean received her professional certification (PMAFA), from The American Federation of Astrologers, Tempe, Arizona. (To Book Your Appointment  Call (702)739-7899)

Tarot Readings $90 (30 Minutes)

        For centuries, people have searched for answers to their problems by consulting Tarot cards. To quote Stacey, “Tarot cards have always fascinated people because they are an oracle of truth through which accurate information is easily and quickly obtained.” Ms. Dean’s two-hour video, Mastering Tarot, released in 1991, continues to sell internationally and establishes her as a Tarot Master. Her ancient technique for learning and reading the Tarot is unique and not available except on her video. Free shipping when you order the video directly from Stacey Dean. (To Book Your Appointment  Call (702)739-7899)

Past Lives Consultation $120 (1 Hour)

        Yes, this can be done very successfully via the telephone. You don’t have to believe in past lives or reincarnation to experience karma. Knowledge of your past lives provides the best information for self-actualization during your present incarnation. Prepare to be amazed as Stacey Dean reveals information that will serve as confirmation of familiar thoughts and feelings locked away… deep within your soul; feelings that are usually referred to as…. déjà vu. Past Life Reports included. (To Book Your Appointment Call (702)739-7899)

Psychic Consultation $120 (1 Hour)

        Nationally known for her amazingly accurate psychic predictions for over 25 years, during this consultation Stacey Dean will reveal present circumstances and conditions prevailing in your life and what your choices are towards changing them. (To Book Your Appointment Call (702)739-7899)

Past Life Regression $360 (3 Sessions in Person)

        In 1982, Stacey Dean, C.H.T., experienced an illness that required her to learn self-hypnosis to control the pain. Because of this experience she later became a clinical hypnotherapist (C.H.T.) specializing in Past Life Regression as an alternative healing modality. As a certified clinical hypnotherapist and professional member of The Association for Past Life Research and Therapy (APRT), her unique method of combining regression therapy and her expertise with esoteric past life astrology gets you positive results! (To Book Your Appointment  Call (702)739-7899)

Add $9.00 priority mailing to your consolation fee.

Stacey Dean | Astrologer | Las Vegas